Your family is unique

Y'all deserve your own place online!

What's Namekin?

We'll find the perfect online home for your family as well as providing extra family-specific features that bring you closer together that you won't find anywhere else.

Web addresses are just like real estate, location is everything - and once a spot is taken, it's gone.

The .com gold-rush is over for businesses, but for family names it's still on, so claim yours before someone else does.

On top of our unique features we also pride ourselves on our service. We're a family run business who values every customer. We promise to listen to your feedback and are eager to help make you and your kin happy.

What you get

20 E-Mail addresses

Enough e-mail addresses to cover every member of your family, including pets!

Magic family address to reach everyone at once

Send an email to to reach everyone in your family at once. Great for sharing photos or planning trips!

Important date reminders

Get reminded of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, trips, etc.

Customized Homepage

People visiting can be shown a custom message and photo of your choice.

How it works

Connect your new address to your old one

You tell us what your current email address is, and we'll take care of the rest. We'll make sure that all email sent to your new address is automatically forwarded to your existing one.

Your family mailing list is ready

No setup required, any emails to will automatically be sent to everyone in your family.

Tell us what dates matter to you

Is it a one off thing like a vacation, or something that happens every year, like a birthday? We'll make sure to remind you a week before and on the day.

Do you want a website?

We'll set up a homepage for to show a photo or message of your choice. No coding required, and included at no extra charge.


$ 15
    $ 150
    • Pay 1 year - get 2 months free!
    • Best Value!