Our Story So Far

About Us

Hi 👋!

My name is Jesper, and thanks for taking the time to read about us.

Started in late 2018 in sunny London, UK: the idea for Namekin came about when my wife and I were chatting about how awkward it is that everyone in our respective families has inconsistent email addresses at all these different providers.

Why can’t we just email mom@ourfamily.com and be done with it?

From there, the rest of the features blossomed out as we brainstormed other things that we thought would be useful, and sure enough - they were.

Important date reminders and the family mailing list, in particular, have been killer features for us as we’ve been using Namekin ourselves, and we hope you’ll love them too.

Need a hand? Are we missing a feature you need? Get in touch and we’ll get back too you as soon as we can.

We’re located at: Ability Plaza, Arbutus Street, London, E8 4DT, UK